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Parking Registration & Permit

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The Lagos State Parking Authority, established under the law to consolidate all that relates to parking and its connected purposes with powers and functions, clearly states that the Authority shall, among others, be responsible for all forms of managed parking in the State namely:

  • On Street
  • Off Street
  • Set Backs
  • Register existing private park operators in the State;
  • Issue permit for development of private parking facilities;
  • Charge fees on public and private commercial parks;
  • Charge and collect fees on parking lots, or any facility provided by it.


In view of the above and connected purposes, and in line with the administration’s policy in moving Lagos State towards a 21st century economy within the first pillar of THEME’S Agenda of which transportation is key, all car park operators (commercial and non-commercial) are hereby required to contact the Authority for registration and permit respectfully.

Corporate organizations with on-street/setback parking are also required to pay for the setback parking (Off-Street Setback) in front of their premises. This demand notice is effective from 31st December, 2021.

All requests are to be complied with before the commencement of enforcement by February, 2022.

Igbega Ipinle Eko, Ajumo se ni

Application Form

Registration Of Existing Commercial Private/Public Parks
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